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Cleaning Brush Long Handle Removable Wiper

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A magic wiper for spotless floors!

Do you have the troubles with stagnant water, oil and fine dust when cleaning your home? Do you struggle everyday to sweep the floor under the sofa or bed? With our Magic Wiper, these things are no longer troubles! 

Sweep anything it its path

Our Broom decommissions every floor cleaner you have because it sweeps and removes without missing anything in its path. The brush head with dense fine bristles and triangle shape can sweep not only rubbish, dirt, hair but also wipe the water and oil away. 

Clean every corner

The triangle head enables the wiper to get into narrow crevices easily while the 180° rotating handle allows you to choose the most perfect angle to sweep the floor under your furniture effortlessly. 

Wide application

This broom can clean every floor in your house, from ceramic to wooden floor, from dry floor in the living room to wet floor in the bathroom. 

Easy storage

This broom can be assembled or disassembled easily so you can hang it entirely on the wall after use, or disassemble it to store it to save your space.

Don’t miss the chance!


  • Material: Stainless Steel + PP + ABS

  • Dimensions: 


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